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We are the masters at Website SEO.

You must be struggling with your website for your company and found us right? There are now almost 800 million websites for businesses on the Internet struggling to get high page ranking links and great Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs) for their search engine queries. If you want to be successful in business today YOU MUST utilize the Internet to be successful. SEO Technology Masters are the best at marketing your website to the search engines and improving your website rankings.

Why are some businesses more successful with their website than others? Is there a secret?

It's almost a requirement for any sized businesses to advertise with a website and be successful at it! Especially with every other previously effective marketing tool becoming ineffective or out of their reach. In the days before Internet there were a number of ways to successfully

  • Code Enforcement taking down signs.
  • Radio and TV advertising is getting too expensive.
  • Newspapers are virtually unseen as people turn to the Internet.
  • Trade shows are not being attended and not marketed well anymore.
  • Virtually no one cracks open a telephone book anymore because of the web.
  • Bus benches and billboards cost a huge monthly fee and are hardly noticed anymore.

Website Seach Engine Optimization (Website SEO) is the science that takes your website to the top first page of Google, Bing, AOL, and Yahoo! Those search engines beleive it or not are now the telephone book for the not just the U.S. but the entire world.

In business you have to adapt to the latest technologies and not only adapt, you have to dapt well. You have to do one better than your competitors so your name comes up at the top of the list. That is where website SEO comes in and there is no better place than to di ti with SEO Technology Masters!

Did you know that three of the best selling authors in website SEO head up SEO Technology Masters? It's True. Sean Odom, Mike Monahan, and Jason McCormick all work together to provide the best, most affordable, and up to date technologies in website SEO for their clients.

You cannot just have a full page ad in a telephone book to stand out in front of all your competition. You have to do the equivalent on the Internet. Your website has to stand in the center of 80 million other sites and outshine the others and professional website SEO services is the only way to do it.

I have a great looking website isn't that enough?

Looks are one thing, but what's behind the looks is actually more important than what your visitors see when it comes to marketing your website to search engines. It is so technically complex on how to get your website the best standing that it is now an exact science which changes from month to month.The novice person should not even attempt it. The old easy methods for marketing your website do not work and can and will get your website domain name banned from many search engines. And getting back in the search engines good graces after being is banned is tough and sometime impossible.

You need us representing your website and making it stand out! We have the knowledge and expertise to make your website stand out above all the others.

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How do I get the best results for every dollar and keep up with my competition?

Two terms come up that you as a business owner need to know. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Everyone who has a business wants their business to come up number one on every web search for every key word they can think of. Most businesses think it costs a mint to make their website even fall on the first or second page. This is not true.

A properly marketed website using SEO and SEM can get you there, using many the following based on the plan we make for your business:

  • Strategic Tagging
  • Website Submission
  • Keyword Research and Meta delivery
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Robots.txt Optimization
  • Site mapping
  • W3C Validation
  • Working on HTML Source Code
  • Editing Content
  • Image & Hyperlink Optimization
  • Web 2.0 and Social Media Optimization
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog Preparation
  • Press Release Writing
  • Article Submissions
  • Video Optimization
  • RSS Feeds
  • Link Development
  • Manual Link Requests to Related Sites
  • Local & International Search Engines & Directories
  • One-Way Links/Two Way Links
  • Title taging
  • Image optimization
  • PPC
  • HTML design
  • ASP. and other coding such as Java and Flash
  • Linked URL's
Doing these tasks and doing them
right on a consistent basis will put your website on top!

Ninety Percent Of Our Customers Subscribe To SEO and SEM for less than $200 per month. Why?

We are a website SEO company and time after time we have brought websites that were invisible on the Internet to being seen and noticed. We have increased their search engine rankings regardless of the competition in their industry. We can strategically improve your websites standings and search ability on the Internet regardless of the competition. It looks like we're in an economic down turn. One of our customers recently sent us a letter that said, "If your services were $1,000 per hour it would be worth it." His return of investment (ROI) has been that much.

One of our smaller clients is VSSAGE.COM, a small massage company in Sacramento, California using our 'Starter Basic Service' package. Their sales have increased 10 fold as a client of SEO Tech Masters. And the "massage industry" is one of the most saturated on the Internet. She competes with Massage Envy, upper scale salons, spas, and independents as well. And we have kept her site in the top 10 ranking month after month. In fact, in June of 2009, the owner Vonda Riccardi stated she had her best month ever and in this tight economy. Thanks to the success of our search engine optimization and ranking status. Her only source of advertising is her website and word of mouth.

used to average 0-4 visitors per day on her website before we took on her account in May of 2007. Her Google Analytics account last month shows there were up to 65 unique visitors per day and no day last month had less than 42 hits. Her rankings on her keywords are the reason for the success. That number of unique hits is a huge number for a small company that can only do a fraction of those massages each day. And a good example of what a local SEO campaign can do for a business.

The reason? We are experts at what we do and we do it right. Employing the best in the industry! Former employees of search engine design and experts in the industry.

If your company looks to the future, it has no choice than to increase its web presence. But simply creating a website is not enough. You have to market that website to search engines. The full page ad you used to have in the phone book is now digital and the equivalent is the first two pages of every major search engine.

If you have a website that is not being seen by the Internet and you want to increase traffic to your website, we are the answer. We have the SEO Technology Masters system. We work with you to individualize a plan to market your website with targeted advertising and the message that you want to be heard on the Internet. We take that message and make it seem as though there is a giant bell on the Internet ringing loudly for the whole world to hear.

We Develop A Comprehensive Internet Marketing Plan

We use a monthly 131 point checklist to make sure your website is designed with current search engine standards, changes will not effect standings, your reputation on the Internet is stellar, and all your organic search engine needs have been met.

We believe that getting to the top of the search engine rankings is still not enough and the month to month standings on each search engine should never be left to chance. That's why we purchase millions of Pay-Per-Clicks(PPC) on major search engines and include them in every package. You shouldn't ever be married to PPC. It is all part of our full strategic plan for ever website and allows us to get you results almost immediately and work with your organic ranking.

We also provide constant monthly monitoring to stay ahead and allows us to evaluate what your competition is doing, and change your plan dynamically to address their changes. Every company is individual and we love providing our SEO Services to those who are in the most need. Call us today! Packages start at just $139 and every package includes a PPC campaign, not just management.


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